An inspiring innovation

Every time that I go to Europe, I come back totally inspired because there are so many new ideas. It seems odd, that a place so old, and so loved for its history, is so full of new ideas. I think it’s because these cities realize that they need creative ideas to continue to further their reputation as a global Center for culture and Innovation. I think Berlin is a perfect example of this. Berlin has gone through many intense phases and its long history, including the world wars and the Berlin wall, but it is also very true that Berlin is currently one of the global centers for creativity and culture. UNU, coming out of Berlin, has made an amazing electric scooter that can be plugged into a wall. But you don’t have to plug the hole scooter into the wall. You can remove the battery and plug it in. It only takes 5 hours for about three days worth of driving, which is pretty amazing. It’s not often that something like this comes along in the world, and I hope that it makes its way out of Germany and that this invention begins to become common all over the world. I saw these scooters a lot when I was in Germany, and I began asking questions, and I was amazed at the results. I just think that carbon neutral Solutions like this, or solutions that forgets closer to carbon neutrality, are essential in today’s day and age. Berlin continues to make itself relevant through inventiveness and creativity, like shown in this scooter.…. Wish I could elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)