How can I properly take care of my eyes?

How can I properly take care of my eyes?

A visit to a Burnaby optometrist is a great way to make sure that any vision or eye problem is addressed at an early stage. But there are also a lot of other tips and things you can do to ensure that your eyes stay healthy:

  1. Taking good care of your contacts:

You should always wash your hands before handling your contacts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that they are handled properly. Don’t sleep in your contacts unless the doctor specifically advises you to do so. It is also advised to take off your contacts before swimming unless you are wearing tight fitting goggles.

  1. Removing eye makeup at the end of the day:

Sleeping with eye makeup on will cause some of the makeup to transfer into the eyes which can cause irritation. It can also clog the pores around your eyes which will lead to the formation of cysts. These cysts have to be treated via antibiotics or even removed by the doctor.


  1. Using too much allergy drops:

Allergen reducing eye drops can help with redness and itchiness but using them too much can make the problem worse because the eyes no longer respond to the drops. They work by constricting the flow of oxygen to the corneas so that they don’t feel irritated anymore but too much drops will also deprive the cornea from the oxygen it needs. The lack of oxygen will result in swelling and the eye tissues will not have sufficient oxygen.


  1. Not wearing protective goggles:

Wearing protective eye wear is essential to keep small and big flying objects away from your eyes. You should wear protective eyewear while playing racket sports, using power tools, during chemistry lessons and while doing DIY projects.


  1. Not getting enough sleep:

When you don’t get enough sleep, you start to experience eye fatigue which can cause swelling, irritation, difficulty focusing, redness, dryness or excessive tears in addition to double or blurred vision. You should sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night to make sure that your eyes are getting the rest they need.


  1. Using computers and tablets the wrong way:

Although scientists haven’t found a solid proof to prove that the excessive use of computers can affect your vision, but the effort you do to stay focused on the computer screen can definitely strain your eyes. The glare from the screen causes muscles fatigue because it is either too dark or too bright. Limit your computer time or use a screen protection. Also make sure that you are looking at the screen in a straight line.


Remember that the most important tip of all is not to forget to schedule a visit to a professional Burnaby optometrist to have your eyes professionally checked whenever you notice a problem.